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By the Finger of God

Among the rabbis and with Jesus, a favourite way of answering a question is to ask another. While our culture demands instant answers, the Bible tries to induce a meditative, questioning attitude in God’s presence. Tikkun olam in Jewish liturgy is a term used that testifies to a deep belief that God will transform the universe.

  • This God is YHVH–the Force of transformation and healing. God is The Force that makes possible the movement of reality from that which IS to that which OUGHT TO BE. (Rabbi Michael Lerner)

Their idea of God is less one of destructive force than of transforming love. Turn to Joel 2:13, here Joel quotes the covenant made with Moses on Mount Sinai: The Lord, your God, gracious and merciful, slow to anger and rich in kindness. Somehow, when pushed to the limits of our patience, we can realize that God has plans for us beyond the horizons of this earthly life.

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus acknowledges the existence of supernatural forces of good and evil, devils and angels. He wrestles with these mighty powers and must silence his opponents who accuse him enviously, “by Beelzebul, he casts out devils!” “No!” he replies, “It is with God’s help that I face down the power of evil.” So we too cannot rely simply on our own unaided strength, but make God our refuge in the day of evil.

My challenge to you is to think of God as a refuge and is transforming you through Divine love.