History, Current, & Future


The first owner of the land was Jacob Sheu, … Built approximately 1894, by…. had a kitchen fire in 1911. (more to come as I learn the history.)


Mission House Post 1 – First View 

Mission House Post 2 – Rot and Damage

Mission House Post 3 – Spring 2016 Treasure

Mission House Post 4


To be a place one can call a spiritual home. Where one can learn and grow in their spiritual path. Where one come, sit and meditate in a quite place. To continue our love for Triune and bring that to every soul.

A làmb a heir, ‘s I a gheibh. – A hand that gives, is the had that receives.

We stand by this statement, because when

  1. We give to God praise and worship, we receive enlightenment and peace.
  2. When we give to the community, we receive a blessing, a thank you, and sometimes a love offering.