Policy & Ethics


St. Placid Mission is a place of learning and makes no claim to spiritual or temporal domination over man. “It feels that it should rather make itself a motive power behind social and political amelioration, by inspiring its members with love of humanity and the desire to serve their fellows.” (Statement of Principle, 1921)

We accept and receive people into full membership on the basis of worship – a willingness to worship through a common ritual.

The belief of the member should be of individual study, not its antecedent. In the Statement of Principle, 1921, it states, “A truth is not truth for a man, or revelation a revelation, until he sees it to be true for himself,” and continues with, “it (the Mission) acts in accordance with the spirit of its Master in welcoming gladly into the ranks those who are still seeking for truth…”

We seek to break down the barriers between Christian denominations through appeal and discourse.



Here at the Mission, and the HCC, lay great stress on the corporate aspect of Christian life and worship, beliving that a system of ethics, philosophy and worship, Christianity was chiefly intended to help men to grow into the love of Christ, in so doing so solve the many difficults that beset the  way of human brotherhood – that brotherhood which is the cornerstone of a truly religious life (Catechism, 91).

We strive to inspire love and respect for all and a willingness to serve others.

We ask the members

  1. sincerity,
  2. the purity of motive,
  3. tolerance,
  4. the breadth of mind,
  5. the courtesy of expression,
  6. the willingness to work and
  7. a constant pursuit of higher knowledge.

Confident, in the Divine Powers being channeled through the Sacraments, especially through the Most Holy Eucharist.