Our Liturgy

In every Celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist, Christ is present.

Here at St. Placid, we will use the Liberal Celtic Rite and Liberal Catholic Rite.

The meaning of ‘liturgy’ is ‘public works’ and ‘customary repertoire of ideas, phrases, or observances.’ 

It is complex, beautiful, that does not diminish or talk down the Mystery of God, and that, speaking as a participant in its celebration, never fails to leave one with a feeling of spiritual refreshment and aesthetic appreciation. (SS, 12)

We use the term ‘liturgy’ in the vernacular (the language) to preserve the vital features of the various sacramental forms, with utmost care and thought. The tone of our liturgy is one of devotion, adoration, joy, and aspiration. The goal is not to put words on the priest and congregation lips in which they cannot genuinely and honestly mean.

There is no ‘fear of God and His wrath,’ nor the servile cringing and self-abasement, the fear of hell and damnation, etc., seen in many Christian denominations. These have been removed from our liturgy and the essential truths of religion are preserved.