Read the Bible for the sake of learning, not simply to accomplish your next reading.

1-year Chronological Study

  • Read the Bible in the order that the events happened.

71-days with Isaiah

  • Carefully work your way through Isaiah in 71 days to experience the full impact of the prophet’s words.

The New Testament

  • Read the New Testament in the order that the events happened.

  • Read 3 passages each day.

The Life of Christ

  • This plan focuses on the record of the life of Christ.

Psalms Study

  • Read one Psalm per day with reflection.

Daily Wisdom

  • Find wisdom each day as you read through the Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Solomon.


  • A time for in-depth study and to see how the passages are connection to each other.


A Suggestion…

  1. Give a prayer of thanksgiving and praise, then ask for enlightenment.
  2. Find a time in the morning you can spend 5-10 minutes to just read. Then spend the day thinking about it.
  3. In the evening set dedicated time to “research” the passage. Research is the fun part, hop on to the net and type in a thought or idea or even the passage – you will be amazed. Then take a moment to sift through the information.
  4. Next think how does it apply today.
  5. Finally, close the study with another prayer.


Some of the Studies are not written yet. Please be patient or if one you really want to study a specific topic, send us an email, or message through Facebook.